VIVO Click Vinyl by Leoline

The VIVO Click Vinyl Collection by Leoline, takes everything you love from Leoline cushion vinyl – easy installation, low maintenance and natural beauty – and combines it with a semi-rigid LVT plank or tile for a look that instantly transforms your home.

Ready for use in busy family homes thanks to Superguard® protection across the range, VIVO is wonderfully easy to live with, requiring no fussy maintenance. Just vacuum regularly and occasionally mop for a floor that stays looking as good as new.

Capture the familiar warmth of oak in 11 tones with VIVO I WOOD or enjoy the modern sophistication of VIVO I STONE’s four stone tiles, safe in the knowledge that whatever stylish floor you choose, it will stand up to life in family homes.

Fitting VIVO Click Vinyl by Leoline

With a patented L2C click joint, VIVO is super-easy to install – simply click each plank to the next – and so perfect for DIY projects or professional installation alike.

We recommended that your VIVO floor is installed with xtrafloor® silent underlay for LVT. Not only does the underlay help to make VIVO floors quiet, reducing impact sound by 19dB, xtrafloor® silent also supports joints and absorbs minor subfloor irregularities.

For full installation instructions, including acclimatising your VIVO Click Vinyl by Leoline floor, download our fitting instructions here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIVO Click Vinyl by Leoline?

VIVO Click Vinyl is a multi-layer vinyl floor, otherwise commonly referred to as LVT (luxury vinyl tile). Made of a vinyl core with a printed decorative layer and a Superguard® protected wear-resistant top, VIVO features a patented L2C click joint for fast installation.

I have pets, is VIVO a good choice?

With a Superguard® protected wear layer that resists scratches and stains, VIVO is a good choice for any home with pets. However, while VIVO is pet-friendly, it is best to keep an eye on claws, trimming regularly to prevent permanent scratches. Also, an effort should be made to clean up accidents quickly.

Can I use VIVO with underfloor heating?

VIVO is ideal for use with underfloor heating as its vinyl construction quickly warms to the ambient temperature. Just make sure the surface temperature of the floor does not exceed 27˚C.

My child has allergies, is VIVO a good choice for them?

If cared for properly, with regular vacuuming and damp mopping, your VIVO floor gives nowhere for dust-mites and other allergy causing organism to hide, so it is a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Should I be worried about using VIVO in my bathroom or kitchen?

VIVO is highly moisture-resistant, making it ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

What’s the best way to look after my VIVO floor?

Taking care of your VIVO floor is really simple: vacuum or sweep regularly to remove dirt and then clean with a damp mop or cloth using xtrafloor® cleaning products available from your VIVO Click Vinyl by Leoline retailer. Avoid steam cleaners or aggressive cleaning agents on your floor. Download our maintenance instructions here

Will my VIVO floor scratch?

The Superguard® protected wear layer on VIVO is tough, but you should still take precautions. Vacuum regularly, use suitable matting at external doorways and make sure you use felt-pads or castor cups to prevent damage from furniture.

Download VIVO Brochure


With the patented L2C click joint, VIVO can be installed without flue, directly on top of xtrafloor® silent underlay.


A water and slip resistant wear layer makes VIVO suitable for any room, even bathrooms and kitchens.


Thanks to a strong wear layer and Superguard®, VIVO is excellent at fighting scratches, marks, spots and shoe marks. Perfect for pets and busy family homes.


A multi-layer construction helps VIVO to absorb sound, and this can be boosted with the recommended xtrafloor® silent underlay.


A high-quality construction means that VIVO stops dents from furniture and high heels in their tracks.


The Superguard® wear layer makes VIVO simple to care for, with mopping and vacuuming all that’s required to keep it looking fabulous.


Beautiful wood and stone decors and a textured finish give VIVO an authentic look, enhanced by a micro-bevel for a defined plank or tile.