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Welcome to the Knowledge Bank, our resource for everything you need to know about Leoline Flooring.

Along with more about Leoline and Leoline cushion flooring, you can also discover how best to look after your new Leoline floor, download our warranty terms and conditions, installation instructions and technical specifications for all Leoline floors.

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What is Leoline Flooring?

All Leoline floors are made from PVC, often called vinyl flooring or cushion flooring. Leoline floors differ from luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or modular vinyl as they are sometimes called, as they come on a roll.

Formed of layers, Leoline is a special type of vinyl flooring, known as heterogeneous vinyl and this gives it several advantages:

  • Enhanced protection with a protective PU lacquer (Superguard)
  • Lasting wear layer
  • Exclusive high-quality designs
  • Tunable performance

By adjusting the thickness of wearlayer and the thickness and density of the PVC foam backing, Leoline flooring can be ‘tuned’ by our experts to perform certain duties better. There are Leoline floors that are better at sound reduction or provide increased recovery from furniture indents in busy spaces for example.

Is Leoline easy to look after?

In a word, yes. Many floors within the Leoline collection feature our (Superguard) protective PU lacquer. This forms a lasting coating on the surface of the floor that makes it really easy to wipe away spills without leaving permanent stains. Even stubborn scuffs and marks can be removed with water and a diluted cleaning solution.

Of course, regular maintenance including the removal of dirt and debris is advisable to keep your Leoline floor in tip top condition. These simple activities should be carried out on a regular basis:

  • Remove dirt daily by vacuuming or sweeping
  • Use a damp cloth or handpad to remove spots and stains
  • Damp mopping
  • For more information on cleaning and maintaining your Leoline floor, download our Maintenance guide.

    Rubber and latex mats and furniture protection should be avoided as these may stain your Leoline floor.

    How long will Leoline last?

    That very much depends on how well you care for it, the amount of footfall that travels upon it and how much of that footfall is in a concentrated area. All of our Leoline floors do come with a warranty though, giving you the peace of mind that we’ll look after you for years to come should there be a problem with your floor.

    20-year warranty

    • Vitality

    15-year warranty

    • Ceramica
    • Timberline
    • Quartz Pro PU
    • Comfytex Deluxe

    10-year warranty

    • Luxury Trends
    • Rapport

    7-year warranty

    • Artesia

    5-year warranty

    • Comfortz XL

    Our warranty covers the floor wearing out under normal domestic conditions. If you want to know more about what these conditions are, download our Terms & Conditions here.

    Do you sell Leoline online?

    We believe that buying a new floor is a serious business so we do not currently direct sell Leoline floors online. Instead, we have a large nationwide network of retailers who have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the perfect Leoline floor for your home.

    These retailers can also help to install your Leoline vinyl floor to a high standard that will ensure maximum satisfaction for years into the future.

    Use our Stockists search to find your local Leoline retailer. There’s one in every town.

    Can I use Leoline with Underfloor Heating?

    Leoline is completely safe for use with underfloor heating. In fact, if you are using underfloor heating Leoline vinyl flooring offers a low TOG rating that makes it a great flooring choice, enabling optimum operating conditions.

    Remember, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to operating your underfloor heating system for the first time, giving your floor time to adjust to increased heat over a few days.

    Where can I use Leoline flooring in my home?


    Leoline floors are created to provide your home with a durable, lasting and easy to look after floor. Whether hallway, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in the home, there is a Leoline floor right for you.

    • Available in 2, 3 and 4 metre widths for the best fit for your room
    • Great levels of underfoot comfort for a more comfortable home
    • Excellent durability, even in busy family homes
    • Warm to the touch for a cosy feel
    • Excellent noise reduction for a quieter home
    • Resistance to slipping
    • Realistic natural looks with embossed surfaces

    What does it mean?

    Superguard (PU Lacquer)

    Means that your floor has extra protection against scuffs and marks from things like shoes, buggies and pets. The special polyurethane layer of Superguard floors also makes maintenance easier.

    Natural Look & Feel

    An authentic look for your Leoline cushion floor. Whether wood, stone or mineral, Natural Look and Feel features an embossed surface that adds depth and texture to your floor.

    Added Slip Resistance

    Gives your Leoline cushion floor even more resistance to slips and so makes a great choice in rooms where you may be barefoot, such as bathrooms, or in busy areas such as kitchens.


    A specially developed backing that gives your Leoline floor better sound absorption and thermal insulation for a floor that’s quieter and warmer underfoot.


    This is our vinyl floor backing that’s been specially developed to provide your home with great underfoot comfort and thermal insulation.


    We use this specially developed backing on Leoline floors made for demanding locations. Bringing high levels of impact resistance and reduced indentation from furniture, Powerback floors feature a 15-year warranty in domestic locations.

    Super Acoustic

    A term given to our floors designed to cope with the sound of footfall and noise between floors in your home. Super Acoustic floors really are super at absorbing sound with 21dB of sound reduction. Ideal for busy family homes.