We’re the last ones to claim that housework is anything but boring, but...

We’re the last ones to claim that housework is anything but boring, but there are huge benefits – psychological and well as physical – to getting rid of clutter, dirt and grime. So we’ll be joining the rest of the nation and throwing ourselves into National Spring Cleaning Week, from 5-11 March, and blowing away those winter cobwebs. However, if you’re drawing up your own cleaning to-do list, one thing you definitely don’t need to stress about is your Leoline vinyl floor.

Leoline cushion vinyl is specially designed for ease of living, hence it’s incredibly low-maintenance. Many of our ranges come with Superguard, a PU coating that protects against stains, which means even if the worst happens and you spill your breakfast coffee, providing you soak it up quickly there’ll be no harm done. What’s more, as your Leoline vinyl floor is one continuous surface, with no gaps or nooks and crannies, there’s nowhere for dirt and bacteria to hide – making it incredibly hygienic as well as a breeze to clean; any marks can be wiped away with water or a mild detergent solution. Other than that, your Leoline floor requires only regular vacuuming or sweeping to remove any dust and grit. A word of caution: never be tempted to steam-clean your Leoline floor. Not only is it overkill but the combination of high heat and water can damage the vinyl, just as it would a wood or laminate floor.

If you want to find out more about looking after your Leoline floor, visit our Knowledge Bank, where you’ll find warranty details and advice on installation as well as maintenance guides.