We look at how timber-effect floors are raising the temperature in home design this winter.

Last month we looked at the winter blues, so we thought it was only apt that we looked at how warming and earthy tones impact home design.

Flooring has always played a crucial part in creating the perfect look, and warm tones lend themselves particularly well to timber effect floors. The natural style adds a welcoming aesthetic, and a connection with the outdoors through material has been proved to add a comforting appeal.

But what about the splinters? Well, with cushion vinyl, the beauty is in the finish. While it replicates the looks and feels of natural wood, it does not have the same problems with splintering or water absorption. With cushion vinyl, a simple wipe will deal with the occasional spill and mishap, and regular hoovering will minimise a build-up of dust and dirt.

In recent months, we’ve seen a growth in materials such as bamboo, which adds the similar aesthetics of wood and provides that earthy grain detail that works so well with warm tones.

Before cushion vinyl, natural grey wood was not achievable, so it is no surprise that our grey wood-effect floors have proved a popular choice for homeowners. Not only do they have all the traits of natural wood (grain, texture and patterns), they add a contemporary twist and work beautifully in creating a calming aesthetic in rooms such as bedrooms and studies. Pairing these floors with layers of browns, reds, and mustards is an effective way of creating a cocooning design.

Working with plain wall schemes in paler shades can challenge homeowners, but choosing a floor with predominantly brown palettes will help raise the temperature. Pair with terracottas, browns, and clay inspired accessories to rock this look.

Alternatives to wood-effect warmth

Choosing the right tile-effect floor to work with a warm or earthy palette can easily be achieved if you look for a solution that includes brown hints, such as Bilbao from our Ceramica collection. It cleverly uses a mix of colours in the finish, which really come into their own when paired with warm browns, russets and burnt oranges.

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