What ways can you keep your hallway up to date and looking welcoming? We look at our top five favourites.

Whether it’s a warm welcome or practical area for hanging coats and kicking off shoes, hallways are the perfect way to set the scene for your home style.

This often, under-appreciated area is normally the first glimpse of your home that visitors see and a shabby hallway is not the best initial impression. So, what ways can you keep your hallway up to date and looking welcoming? We look at our top five favourites.

ARENA – 376921009 from The Quartz Pro Collection

Light & Airy

Modern and contemporary homes lend themselves well to light and airy neutral inspired hallways. A poured concrete and quartz effect floor in lighter greys has long been a popular design partner for this look.

Arena replicates the look of chic quartz tiles without the price tag of solid stone. Paired with light neutrals, it adds a layer of sophisticated simplicity while being a practical, easy to install and maintain option.

Chalk effect paints in light neutrals and matt finishes for storage cupboards help create that smooth finish and help bounce natural light.

BARCELONA D – 397825391 from The Luxury Trends Collection

Storage & Style

What’s not to love about having a spacious hallway where no clutter or shoes cause an obstruction. Unfortunately, not all of us have the space for huge amounts of storage but with a little planning you can create an airy space with some smart hideaways.

When it comes to hanging space, using a mixture of hook styles and sizes at varying levels helps keep even the shortest member of the household able to hang up their bags and jackets.

Understairs spaces can be updated to include hanging spaces for coats and racking for shoes. If spaces such as these are in short supply then seating that doubles as storage can be brought easily or upcycled from storage chests.

When it comes to lightening smaller spaces then look at light neutrals in white tones to brighten darker areas. Paints come in a variety of finishes and if you want to make the most of natural light then consider silk paints that help bounce light around rooms.

CASCAIS – 464930592 from The Ceramica Collection

Glam it Up

Glamorous retro Hollywood styles can add a real wow factor and while a solid marble floor would be impractical in most homes, Cascais is able to replicate the nuances and design of a solid marble floor. Team this look up with simple dark furniture and light neutral walls for that extra level of glam.

EVORA – 488681573 from The Artesia Collection

Pattern Perfect

It’s not a surprise that patterns are featuring heavily in homes with so many social media posts focusing on tile styles and patterns. Evora is the latest from The Artesia collection and replicates the looks of tiles without the worry of breakage or difficult installation. Adding a pop of colour with pattern helps brighten up the dullest of hallways and blues are a particular hit this year with such trends as Classic blues. Evora works well with those looking for darker schemes such as blues, greys and charcoal wall colours. Consider using the same flooring from the hallway through to living spaces to help draw visitors to areas such as kitchens or dining room areas.

SORBONNE – 402931046 from The Luxury Classics Collection

Warming Wood

A welcoming wood floor adds a real sense of classic style to hallways and can help make small areas appear longer when installed with planks running away from you and drawing the eye to room areas such as this example. Rather than using solid wood, our vinyl floors replicate the look of wood and its subtle colour variations, making it easy to update a hallway in a weekend.

However you decide to update your home, make sure to take advantage of our free sample service to get inspired.