Big ferns, bright parrot shades and texture layered on texture, this is a bold and courageous look that marks you as certainly being style assured. It’s one we love, but that demands certain qualities from your floor.

Namely, rich, dark and oh so alluring. Going dark on the floor can help to balance bright colours and valiant prints. Dark shades give a sense of grounding and unify the palette. Of course, pretty appropriate are tropical woods and we’ve got some powerful takes on the theme. In fact, our Luxury Woods collection is a bit of a hub for these and we’ve put together a selection that will look great in any paradise.

Luxury Woods features some great exotic looks, perfect for really bringing together your tropical paradise!

If you’re taking a subtle approach, less jungle and more gently wooded area, perhaps with a simple feature wall with a patterned tropical inspired wallpaper or animal print fabric, you are certainly a little freer to widen your horizons and can introduce lighter shades to your floor. However, to avoid your floor looking bland always consider decors with plenty of variation in tone and a rich grain or pattern. This helps to give the floor the strength it needs to hold its own.

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