Bathrooms are a key element to any home and must stand up to the rigours of busy homes while providing an inviting place to relax & unwind.

Many of the key trends we see emerging this year, focus on the key ethos that bathrooms should be a place to find sanctuary whatever your style. Here we explore our top five favourites and how to choose a floor that works with your chosen scheme.


Keep it Clean

It’s not surprising that ever increasing busy lifestyles have resulted in a growing demand for clean, simple room styles.

Getting this look in the bathroom is reassuringly straight forward, with geometrics and white ceramics aplenty to choose from. When it comes to flooring there’s a wide variety of ways to compliment the look, including the cool wood looks of Allure. It makes the perfect pairing with this crisp white painted bathroom and contemporary bath.

To avoid this scheme becoming too harsh or clinical, use accessories to soften hard corners such as plants, (many of which thrive in bathrooms) and inject warm neutral schemes in towels.

Factory helping this classic bathroom design

Captivating Classics

Whether your ideal of finding classic bathroom elements is scaling the local salvage yards for an original or finding a modern repro from the comfort of your local store, the quest for classic style bathrooms is a design trend that doesn’t fade.

White bathroom suites in Victorian style designs are a great way of adding instant classic looks and pairing with silver, brass or gold effect taps give an added shine to your bathroom. Mixing these with pale pastel walls and wood storage in crisp whites brings a really cohesive look.

Choosing a practical floor to work with this scheme is a great way to complete the look and there are various tile effect floors from Leoline that add that classic look without the need for expensive and high maintenance real stone floors. Factory is a great example of how a tile effect vinyl floor can lend itself well to this style of room.

Barcelona D in a blue inspired bathroom

True Blue

At the start of the year we all waxed lyrical over the emerging trend of Classic Blue. We saw kitchens, fabrics and accessories transformed into an ocean of nautical hues – so why should the bathroom be any different?

Its relatively easy to source tiles, paints and enamel baths that can work with this popular trend.

Blue tones work particularly well in bathrooms where white ceramics add a crispy clean contrast. Accessories such as towels and accessories can in classic blue will help reinforce this look or if you want a more coastal look, consider adding wood elements.

When it comes to the floor, Barcelona D brings a cool clean look that pops against the white and blue of this bathroom.

Tile Style

What’s new about tiles in a bathroom? Well we may be used to tiled walls, but many are put off adding tiles to floors as they want that good feel underfoot without cold surfaces so many turn to vinyl floors that replicate the looks of ceramics such as Eleanor.

Patterned tiles are a great way of adding instant impact to your bathroom and can often be seen in many design magazines. We predict that this trend is not likely to fade fast and that there will be a move towards more colours and patterns in bathroom areas over the coming months.

Add outdoor inspired materials to create your natural haven

A nod to nature

There’s a real move to include nature inspired interiors into our homes. This reaction against technology means we are seeing more materials, patterns and accessories that provide that replicate the outdoors. It’s a look that you can see in many of the spa’s and pampering spaces in hotels around the globe and provides a real connection with the calming natural world around us.

Bilbao is a great example of a floor that works with this theme. Not only does it include a herringbone design which works perfectly to make a small space appear larger, but its subtle ceramic looks provide a comforting interior factor.

What ever trend you decide works with your home style, don't forget to make use of our free sample service to get your bathroom looking fabulous.