Three top trends in Tile and ceramic floors.

Every so often, a traditional theme comes back to modern home design. Already this year, we have seen an ongoing focus on adding patterns in the forms of tiles to home design schemes.

Traditional Update

Many of us have picked up ceramic keepsakes from our travels to the Med and dreamed of installing a floor to match. While the cost and practicality have put many off, the growth in popularity of vinyl floors means that recreating the looks and patterns in various colours is an easy and affordable alternative.

Ornate traditional tiles have inspired this Evora design. It consists of a repeating pattern in a contemporary colour scheme, and it's an excellent choice for creating a stunning hallway in an older property or adding interest kitchens and bathrooms


Terrazzo first made its mark back in ancient Egypt and, more recently, Italy's palatial villas. Traditional terrazzo floors were made using a mix of marble chips that were then bound with a mortar. Updating this look for 2021, we introduced Bologna, which has a delicate pattern of small marble chips which add a contemporary feel to rooms.

Pattern Perfection

Sometimes its the simplest of patterns that provide the greatest effect. Emilia is a popular vinyl floor that comes in a range of five colourways. The design recreates the hand-painted look of bespoke tiles from fresh blues and greens through to earthy charcoal and creams.

Choosing a vinyl floor that replicates traditional ceramic tiles is a cost-effective way of adding charm and style to modern homes. They're also a great way of including a practical floor in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where splashes and spills are common. We provide a sample service to select the perfect 'tile style' for your home.

Try some samples from our Ceramica and Artesia collection for inspiration for your next project