While Christmas can be a fun and sociable time, if you’re hosting, party-proofing your home can bring its own share of stresses.

As autumn draws in (and winter looms, although we’re trying not to think about that right now) our focus shifts from outdoor to indoor entertaining – it’s goodbye to big family barbecues and summer drinks in the garden, hello to huge Sunday roasts, dinner parties and festive bashes. But while the run-up to Christmas can be a hugely fun and sociable time, if you’re the one doing the hosting, party-proofing your home can bring its own share of stresses.

Thankfully, although you might have to stash away your breakables and drape some throws over your white sofa, with Leoline you don’t have to worry about the state of your floors. Our cushioned vinyl is built to withstand all the rigours of entertaining, from dad dancing to accidental spillages, as our round-up of some of the common party problems shows.

Dirt and mud

Guests might arrive with chocolates or a nice bottle of something, but if it’s wet outside, they’ll also be bringing a trail of mud and grime into your house. No need to ask anyone to take their party shoes off; any dirt can be easily vaccuumed up, or removed from your Leoline floor with a dustpan and brush or a cloth dampened with a little water.

Stains and spillages

Coffee, curry, the dreaded red wine… While we’re not encouraging it, your guests can safely spill food and drink all over your Leoline floor thanks to Superguard – a key feature of many of our ranges. This protective PU layer forms a lasting coating on the surface of the floor, making it easy to wipe away spills (just use a damp cloth or a little diluted detergent) without leaving permanent stains. What’s more, Leoline vinyl is highly water resistant, so in the case of inevitable breakages, even a whole bottle of wine won’t hurt it.

Heavy footfall

Leoline floors are manufactured with family life in mind, and that includes enthusiastic dancing… Offering an impressive 15-year warranty, our Powerback backing features across our Mercury XT, Stonemark and Quartz Pro U collections and is designed for maximum impact resistance and reduced indentation, making it ideal for areas of high traffic such as living rooms, hallways and kitchens. And remember, whether you plump for a beautiful realistic-looking wood, stone or tile finish, all Leoline floors have the added bonus of R10 slip resistance, so if your guests kick off their party shoes and start boogieing you don’t have to stress about accidents.


Worried about people next door/upstairs complaining? Leoline Compactback backing, which features on six of our domestic ranges, has been designed for better sound absorption, making it quieter underfoot. For the ultimate in quiet living, our Supercomforts range is designed to cope with the sound of footfall between floors, and is capable of absorbing sound with 21dB. [That’s how they’ve worded it on their website but I’m not sure exactly what it means!] But the best solution of all? Invite the neighbours…