When it comes to flooring, samples are an essential part of the buying journey.

When it comes to flooring, samples are an essential part of the buying journey. While online and brochure photos can give a good idea of how a product will look, nothing beats seeing and feeling the flooring in your own home. We’re happy to send you up to three Leoline samples of your choice, completely free of charge. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from them – and make your purchasing decision as effortless as possible – just follow our simple tips.

POSITION Most of us just position our samples up against the skirting board. That’s a sensible starting point, but we’d also recommend putting your sample in different places within the room, such as under the window or in the centre of the space. Your sample might look fabulous next to a plain white wall, but less so when placed up against a bold patterned sofa.

LIGHT Don’t forget the “light effect”. Just as you would with paint samples, check your flooring samples at different times of day. You might decide that the glossy wood-effect vinyl that looks warm and cheerful in the grey morning light isn’t to your taste in full midday sun. Similarly, a tile with a hint of sparkle can look very different depending on whether it’s illuminated by natural light during the day or artificial light in the evening. Remember, too, that colours can look very different in north- and south-facing rooms; paler colours, for example, can appear cold in northern light, while rich, deep shades – even very dark hues – can add much-needed cosiness and warmth.

VISUAL EFFECTS When ordering your samples, it’s also worth bearing in mind the size of your room. Generally speaking, narrower planks, smaller tiles and intricate patterns work well in smaller rooms, as the repetition can make a space seem larger or wider than it really is. Generous tiles and wide planks, on the other hand, need the “breathing space” of open-plan areas and larger rooms. If you’re after a wood-effect floor, think of the direction you’ll want the planks to run in, and lay your samples in that direction. The “traditional” way is to run planks lengthways against the longest wall. If your room is square, lay them towards the best source of incoming light.

Thankfully, Leoline flooring is available in a huge range of different looks, from classic black and white tiling and herringbone to walnut-effect planks, so finding your ideal floor is a breeze. You can see our full range of swatches at a glance here; just click on one you like then click the “Add to Samples” button on the right.