Named after the delicate structures of a herringbone fish, this popular floor has been an endearing interior classic.

Whether you are looking to introduce pattern to a modern or traditional home, herringbone provides a variety of options to play with colour, texture and finish. It will hold its own with predicted interior trends for the year ahead such as botanicals, bolds, JOMO and retro styles.

Reclaimed & Retro

Mixing it up with varying wood finishes can add focal interest in plain rooms where tranquillity and comfort are key. For example, keeping walls in soft neutrals in bedrooms creates a relaxing ambience and adding a mixed finish floor, such as Lido, can give an updated reclaimed look.

Herringbone is an excellent look for homeowners using retro and reclaimed room themes which are seeing a resurgence in the year ahead.

Modern & Chic

A light colour wooden floor with grain details, such as our Luxury Trends Marilyn, partners well with industrial greys, dark furniture and white wall finishes. The combination of geometric design gives herringbone a chance to highlight its very contemporary side.

Using the same effect floor over multiple rooms gives an uncomplicated feel and prevents space being divided – a fabulous hint if you do not have much space to play with.

This can also work in open-plan homes where you want the practicality of design throughout and a floor that can deliver the performance in multiple-use areas.

Herringbone Stone

If you want a change from wood and are looking for a stone effect herringbone, then Bilbao from our Quartz Pro range brings the essence of mineral looks without the cold feet.

Stone effect floors work particularly well with metal furniture in polished chromes, mono blacks or brushed brass and if you are going for a full glam 1920s style, then the darker the floor, the more the metal will stand out.

Bleached Herringbone

With the rise of bold on-trend colours such as Classic Blue, a light or bleached wood effect can work beautifully. Herringbone brings a subtle unity to rooms and stops any bright colours taking over your design.

If you are going for that all out pastel feel, then a light floor such as Marilyn can prevent the floor distracting from delicate pastels.

Natural Chic

Matt finished herringbone floors provide two excellent characteristics for interiors looking to replicate the looks of the outdoors. Firstly, it’s very pattern mimics nature, and secondly, it works well with a multitude of texture effects such as bamboos, panelling and soft furnishings in natural fibres.

Why not try out the herringbone look by using our free sample service, to see how this favourite pattern can work in your home.