Terrazzo is huge this year, and we’ve just made it even bigger with our oversized Ceramica Cappella design

Terrazzo, the playful, flamboyant style staple of the 1970s, is having a moment. From the classic tutti-frutti colour scheme with its green, blue and orange chips to subtly speckled white and jet black designs, this marble-ous material is making its presence felt in fashion, graphic design and interiors, and nowhere more so than on our floors.

Dating back 500 years, terrazzo was invented by Venetian craftsmen who used up leftover stone and marble chippings by setting them in clay, and we still associate it with Italian sophistication and style. The genuine article comes with a hefty price tag, but if you want a terrazzo look without breaking the bank, our brand-new Ceramica Cappella vinyl flooring is the perfect choice. This gorgeous style captures the beautiful aesthetic and distinctive texture of the classic terrazzo floor but, in keeping with the current trend for maiximalism, we’ve supersized the chips for a contemporary feel and even more visual impact. The result? A fabulous large-scale abstract speckled effect that makes concrete and plain stone look, well, just plain dull in comparison.

Our Capella vinyl flooring comes in two contemporary colourways – an elegant biscuit shade and a goes-with-anything mid grey – and a low-maintenance format that’s perfect for modern homes. Like all Leoline cushion vinyl flooring it’s fully waterproof so you can use it in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens without worry, but the practical benefits don’t stop there. With a Superguard protective layer to guard against spills and scuffs, built-in slip resistance and a 15-year warranty, Cappella vinyl flooring will more than earn its keep in the busiest of family homes. Order your free samples today.