We have your top five tips for an Autumn home project and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

With more people than ever embarking on new home interior projects it’s not surprising that creating comforting and cocooning styles are top of the list this Autumn.

But before grabbing your paintbrush, brandishing the wallpaper stripper or battling with ladders, we look at some top tips that will help you take on that home project without too many tears!

Be realistic

If you’re not confident about installing flooring then be realistic and enlist the help of someone who is. It so often is the case that many will take on more than they can chew and while it is very rewarding to achieve an amazing result, more often than not it can be a frustrating and off-putting experience if you are not confident. So, if in doubt, ply someone with coffee who is, or at least involve them on your project so that you can pick up some tips and confidence too. Out of all flooring types, vinyl is probably the easiest to fit as it is easy to lift and can be adjusted for awkward shapes and spaces making it a popular choice for home DIY’ers.

Plan for PerfectionWe all know the five P’s rule and it is probably the most fundamental in creating an on budget and great looking result. Spend time working out budgets first as this will prevent getting caught up in DIY fever and buying everything in sight. Then spend some time sourcing your perfect products. Make use of online sample services to get a better idea of quality and finish such as our free online sample request tool.

Prepare surfaces

This is key to getting your floor looking fabulous. While your floor may look relatively straight forward, it may not be until you take up what’s there, that you get a true idea of the foundation you are working with. Vinyl floors are really easy to fit and our floors can be laid on concrete, cement screed, timber and over ceramic tiles (with the right preparation). Another top tip is to check the adhesive or levelling compound you are planning to use. Like most suppliers, they should have details on best practices and suitability for different subfloors.

Get Inspired

We all have a much-loved design style but sometimes it’s great to think outside of the box. Get some instant inspiration from quality interior magazines or by browsing through visual social media platforms such as Instagram for ideas from your favourite stylists. If you like to set your own style signature, then a mood-board is the perfect solution and helps you keep on track for a cohesive look.

Top Trends

Autumn conjures up some warm earthy tonal styles and is the perfect time to think ‘Comfort’. While many of us have not been able to embark on our normal travel plans this year, it is not surprising that homeowners are taking inspiration from far flung shores with a world traveller look. This eclectic mix of tribal patterns, animal prints and fiery colours combine beautifully to create your own home oasis. Popular scandi styles make a resurgence this year but this time with the additional of colour. Rather than the light neutrals of previous scandi looks, 2020 sees the principles of scandi (comfort, clean lines and layers) applied to a mixture of bold contrasts and textures (brushed velvets, geometric printed fabrics and rich painted surfaces).

So, whether you are getting ready to take on a full house renovation or just giving a tired room a quick update, don’t forget to explore the full range of Leoline vinyls as we truly have Autumn styles and practicality covered!