The ‘heart’ of the home, kitchens tend to fall into one of two distinct camps; contemporary and traditional. There seems not much middle-ground, so what floor works best in the archetypal country kitchen?

The most traditional of country kitchens would have used flagstones, but unless you’ve got very deep pockets and don’t mind getting down and dirty on a regular basis (or your cleaner doesn’t!), then our vinyl flooring makes a better everyday option.

But if you're desperate to echo that flagstone look – it does look fab against richly coloured units and chunky wooden knobs – then Rocky captures that rustic feel with great colour variation and with a size that works in the smaller kitchens often found in your average country cottage.

There’s also something to be said for wood styles that echo a similar rustic feel. They can bring the same vibe with a warmer overtone. Think of rustic and distressed looks, wide and long planks and plenty of colour variation on natural styles as your main drivers.

We think our Camargue design could be interesting in a country-style kitchen as it's one of our most characterful looking wood vinyl floors, featuring plenty of knots and river cracks to give that instantly relaxing provincial feel. Oslo is another similar take with a hand-worked feel.

Creating the right country look is just about getting a floor that looks old or worn. Avoid slick-looking minerals or too pristine wood or tile finishes and you won’t go far wrong.

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