Described as “a timeless and versatile shade of grey-blue”, Denim Drift represents a departure from the grandeur of last year’s Cherished Gold, and a move towards fresh and uplifting living spaces.

Experts-in-colour, Dulux, have released their hotly anticipated Colour of the Year for 2017: Denim Drift. Described as “a timeless and versatile shade of grey-blue”, the Denim Drift hue - and accompanying tonal palette - represents a departure from the luxury and grandeur of last year’s Cherished Gold, and a move towards fresh and uplifting living spaces. A salivating prospect, we just couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

A Colour of the Year does not simply spring up overnight; it is the result of months of planning by an international body of specialists. One such specialist is Dulux Colour and Design Trend Expert, Rebecca Williams, who tells us:

“Denim Drift and its complementary colour palette of tonal blues shows the growing importance of this colour area which we are constantly surrounded by. This is truly the world’s favourite colour.”

A glowing endorsement, and one that we cannot help but agree with. Denim has been hot on the catwalk in 2016, and as is often the case with trends in fashion, it has emerged as an interior look just a matter of months down the line.

At this juncture, we would normally look to your staple offering of curtains, rugs and throws, items that hold the navy inspiration we seek. But Denim Drift gives us a unique opportunity to explore the much-heralded concept of ‘upcycling’, where homeowners convert used items into their latest design pride and joy.

An old or torn pair of Levis is exactly where denim and upcycling can come together in perfect harmony. Scour antiques fairs and charity shops (even your own attic!) for an old piece of furniture, and get to work with your ‘crafts’ head firmly screwed on. With a little know-how and direction from online guide books, it shouldn’t take long to develop your very own upcycled centerpiece, much akin to the sitting chair found in our showcase mood board above.

From here, it’s time to look to surfaces. These will generally take lighter colours to allow your Denim Drift items (chairs, sofas, cushions) to shine through. You could push your ‘penchant for blues’ to the limit with midnight or navy gracing the walls, but beware: there is a danger of overpowering the entire room here, particularly when space is at a premium.

2016 has been a year for lighter tones, so rest assured you can find plenty of neutral-style floors in the Leoline collection. The brand’s cushion vinyl is the perfect partner to your new room, looks such as Arena with its clean grouting and Barcelona D with its seamless wall-to-wall effect making for apt choices. Your floor will be the scheme’s silent hero: comfortable, sound absorbing, cost-effective and the ideal way to accompany Denim Drift.