Sleek, cool and timeless, ice white leads the way in contemporary surface finishes, but flat white lacks the visual kick needed for flooring. Still, there are other ways to embrace the look.

Contemporary tile decors are a great place to start. With fine grout lines and subtle texture they’ve just enough detail to work on the floor without looking too bare and sparse and come in light hues that dip their toes into icy cold white. Barcelona from the Luxury Trends collection executes this look to perfection. The style’s brick layout is bang on too, fresh and right on-trend.

You can even wrap up two trends in one, combining white and the huge fashion for marble in one slick look that works great in bathrooms and other areas where a lux feel can add a sense of sophisticated and not too gaudy glamour. Chatel from the Comfortz XL collection is the one to opt for here.

As we’ve said, flat white is a no no for the floor, but that’s not to say you have to rule out a seamless finish on your floor. In fact, a seamless style can be a thoroughly modern way to continue the sense of smoothness given off by your brand new high gloss units and certainly takes your home out of no man’s land into architect-infused contemporary cool.

Image thanks to the Zohar Designs design blog

Mineral looks deliver this in spades and feature enough detail to add much needed depth. We’ve gone one step further with Sand from our Quartz Pro collection, adding silver ‘chips’ that give a subtle yet enchanting metallic glimmer under light and that sees delicate shifts in the visual of the floor as you move around the space. It’s a great detail that really can work wonders.

Our Swatches 2016 page lets you search by colour and effect so head over to it right now if ice white is getting you all hot under the collar.