Discover why our floors make a fabulous choice for the bedroom

Vinyl’s legendary toughness and easy-to-care-for nature means that we tend to associate it with areas of high traffic in the home, such as hallways, kitchens and living areas. And yet vinyl makes a fabulous choice for bedroom flooring, too. Here’s why…

1 Better sleep

Carpet may be cosy, but for anyone suffering from allergies, it can bring about sleepless nights. If you’re an asthma or allergy sufferer, vinyl is an ideal flooring solution – with regular vacuuming, there’s simply nowhere for dust and dirt to hide.

2 Ease of maintenance

Unlike a real wood or stone floor, vinyl is a breeze to care for. There’s no sanding, re-varnishing, lacquering or sealing to think about, and no specialist cleaning materials to invest in – most marks can be removed with nothing more than a damp cloth. Unlike tiles, your Leoline vinyl floor won’t crack if you drop something heavy it, while the fact that it’s waterproof means that if you happen to spill your morning coffee, there’s no drama.

3 Comfort

Comfort is a number-one priority in the bedroom, and thanks to its cushioned feel, Leoline vinyl offers incredible softness underfoot, plus its fantastic heat insulation properties mean it feels warm even on the coldest mornings. And with built-in slip resistance, it also offers peace of mind.

4 Style

With faithful recreations of nature’s wonderful organic patterns, textures and colours, Leoline cushion flooring is a great way to add unique style to your home. Our ranges offer a huge variety of looks – classic marble tiles, herringbone, granite or slate, bamboo, whitewashed planks, even the playful look of pebbles.

5 Cost

Aside from the above, the main advantage vinyl has over most other types of flooring is price. While Leoline vinyl floors offer incredible realism – they not only look like the real deal, they feature an embossed surface for authentic texture – they cost a mere fraction of wood, tiles or stone, so you can give your bedroom (or bathroom, or living space, or kitchen…) a gorgeous luxe look even on a tight budget.

We haven’t mentioned hassle-free fitting, or noise insulation, or the fact that Leoline floors are compatible with underfloor heating… Convinced yet? Why not take a look at some of the beautiful bedroom floors in our Inspiration gallery?